Texas is the largest of the Lower 48 states, being second to only Alaska in total size. A state known for its culture and a distinctive attitudes, there are many big and interesting cities throughout the state and visitors can see or experience plenty even hitting just a few of these major cities that help make the state of Texas what is is.

Dallas is probably the best known of all the major cities, and for good reason. They are not only one of the largest, but when combined with nearby Fort Worth you’re talking about a massive population, home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, and a city that is full of attractions that visitors and residents alike can enjoy. This is one of the main attraction cities in Texas and definitely stop #1 on most people’s urban tour of the state.

Houston is the largest city in the state. Aside from being home to multiple professional sports teams, Houston has a wide array of impressive museums that offer plenty of cultural options for anyone who loves to get a bit of education and learning in when going on their vacation. Add in a fantastic aquarium and you’ll have plenty to keep you busy.

San Antonio
Home of the San Antonio Spur and home of The Alamo, this Texas city is known for its extreme friendliness, for The Alamo, and for NBA excellence. Beyond that you’ll find a city that has plenty of interesting neighborhoods, each giving its own particular flavor. Eat some incredible authentic Mexican food, and to the surprise of many from out of state San Antonio also has a surprising number of amusement parks including a Six Flags and a Sea World.

The Capital of Texas, and the live music capital of the world, Austin’s official motto is: “Austin: Let’s Keep It Weird” and this is a city that lives up to that motto. Aside from having incredible music everywhere you look, Austin is a major hub for the arts, for culture, and for everything else you can imagine. There is an incredible series of trails that make up the Green Belt, incredible restaurants of all kinds that you can imagine, and plenty to see and do. 6th Street is famous worldwide, and Austin is known as a city where a true hippie and true cowboy can share a drink in the same bar – and the entire city strives to live up to that.