Texas is actually a state which has many places that you can go where you can get wet. This is perfect if you are traveling during the summer. People that think about this state are often considering how flat it is, and all of the incredible skyscrapers that can be found in cities like Dallas and Houston. However, instead of just traveling to the usual places like Mission San Jose, or heading over to the Natural Bridge Caverns Underground Walking Tour, you should try to go to other outdoor activities that are going to allow you to participate on the water.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

This is a place located south of Austin. If you happen to be visiting the city, you need to head over to this beautiful park which is considered to be by the locals the best Park within miles. It has over 350 acres, and there are many recreational activities that you can do such as paddleboard and if that’s what you would prefer doing. There are activities for kids like miniature train, hikes, bikes, and there are picnic areas where they can run around and have a lot of fun. Once you get onto the water, or went your whole family does, you will see why so many people like this area.

Zipline Adventures

Located in Nacogdoches, this is a place where people can have an incredible amount of fun. There is nothing quite like a Zipline. You can go at high speeds, traveling from platform to platform, and you will get to enjoy the scenery. It’s the closest thing you can do to actually flying without skydiving or something similar. It is a beautiful place to see, and the Zipline just makes it all the more exciting for yourself and those that are with you.

Texas has many exciting activities that you can do. You will be able to travel to the different cities like El Paso, Galveston Island, and even Fort Worth. If you want to stay in the bigger cities like Houston and Austin, you can do that as well. Throughout the entire state, you are never going to go to a location where there is not going to be something fun to do. You can check out architectural buildings, take biking tours, or simply just walk through the cities, and some of the small communities, to enjoy the beautiful state of Texas.