Texas is definitely the most unique states I have lived in, and it is one of the most unique I have visited in general. If you have yet to plan a family trip to Texas, you are missing out. You want to enjoy what Texas has to offer you, trust me, and it would behoove me to be your tour guide for a moment. As you cross the border into Texas, what direction are you coming from. My frequent travels were from Arkansas across the Texarkana border.

Let’s say that’s where you cross over, and where would you be headed? Just off the top of my head, might I suggest stopping just across that border and experience what Texas brings you right then and there. After leaving Texarkana, might I suggest Dallas and Fort Worth. You will get a great look at Texas if you go to Dallas. So where should you go after Dallas? You are right in the middle of Texas, the heart and it is time to go deeper. You are just getting started!

Now let’s go to Austin, the capital of Texas. Now, before you get to Austin, Waco is also a good stop. Then there is West, Bastrop, Lockhart and other cities right around Austin and surrounding areas. After taking a trip to Austin, you might also want to stop by the cities of Seguin, San Marcos and New Braunfels. However, one stop you must make is San Antonio. You can’t visit Texas and get a good full look at what the state has to offer without visiting San Antonio.

What can you not do in San Antonio. It is one of the top cities in Texas for sure. After San Antonio, you are going to go east towards Houston. Houston is your next but stop, but you also might want to stop by Schulenburg, Victoria and Katy. Katy is part of the greater Houston area, and you are going to love H Town in general. Now, after traveling all the way to Houston and realizing just how big Texas is, you might be done. However, after these stops in east Texas, you still have plenty to explore. If you want to see a different side of Texas, drive back across the state towards west Texas and El Paso. That will be quite a trip for sure, and you will find some interesting sites and things to do.